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Not becoming. Just Being.

November 2023 Psychology
Letting go of attachments and opening up to the present moment.

Ego is NOT the enemy

June 2023 Psychology
Learning to detach from ego through a better understanding of self-compassion.

Narratives in our lives

February 2023 Reflection
How we're influenced to be someone different than who we really are.

In God We Drink

August 2022 Criticism
A critique on America's obsession with alcohol and its consequences.

Fighting to be an optimist

June 2022 Reflection
How I turned my default from pessimism to optimism.

Enterprise is eating the world

May 2022  Technology
How venture capital to is slowing down innovation.

When product-led growth fails

May 2022  Marketing
What it really means to be product-led and how to know if you're a fit.

Building a community

March 2021  Marketing
Lessons learned from helping grow a community to 30,000+ members.

Taking a gap year

August 2020  College
How taking a gap year helped me finally get into venture capital and startups.

What to do

April 2020  Reflection
Learning your values to guide personal and career aspirations.